Religion, Myth, Tradition.

Golden Gate Headlands, 1950, Ansel Adams.
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History, art, music, places, photographs, etc.:  BIOGRAPHYBased on her writings, an account of the life and death of SAINT THÉRÈSE OF LISIEUX (1873-1897), a French Carmelite nun. PHOTOGRAPHS. VIDEO. HISTORIC PLACE: SAINT MICHAEL CHURCH, OLD TOWN CHICAGO, a major church building  survives The Great Chicago Fire. PHOTOGRAPHS. PHOTO ESSAY: ANGELS IN STAINED GLASS (1902), Franz Mayer & Company (Munich), St. Michael Church, Old Town, Chicago. ARTWORK: ADVENT 2015.    PERFORMANCE: MESSE ET MOTETS POUR LA VIERGE by Marc Antoine CHARPENTIER (French, 1643-1704). Live performance of Jordi Savall in the Chapel of the Palace of Versailles. VIDEO.