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Click on URL to link to entry. German resister to Nazi regime who is a Ph.D. and Catholic priest is imprisoned and executed during World War II but not before his Advent meditations and other writings are smuggled out. Photographs. Video. When conscientious objection was unthinkable, an Austrian farmer refuses to fight during World War II in the army of the Third Reich. Photographs. Video.  From Roberto Rossellini’s The Flowers of St. Francis, 1950, St. Francis of Assisi embraces a leper. Video. Based on her writings, the short life and death of St. Thérèse of Lisieux (1873-1897), a French Carmelite nun.  St. Michael Church in Chicago’s Old Town — a major church building survives the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. Complete set of angels in stained glass by Franz Mayer & Company, Munich, 1902, at St. Michael Church in Chicago. Photographs. Art & meditations for Advent 2015.  Messe et Motets Pour La Vierge by Marc Antoine Charpentier (French, 1643-1704). Jordi Savall in the Chapel of the Palace of Versailles. Video.