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Street Photography: SIGNS OF THE TIMES. (76 Photos).

Villa Park, IL. 5/2018 4.06 mb
Evanston, IL. 2/2019 4.94 mb
Lisle, IL. 3/2018 3.38 mb
Chicago. 6.30 mb 95%
4/2020 7.39mb
6/2020 4.59 mb
4/2020 4.15 mb
Chicago. 3300 W. 111th St, 60655. 7/2015 4.16 mb
Chicago. Symphony Center. 10/2014 1.99 mb
Auditorium Theatre. Chicago. 12/2016. (10)
Chicago. Macy’s State Street. 1/2018 872kb
Chicago. Loop Synagogue. 9/2015 4.73 mb
9/2015 3.82 mb
Forest Park, IL. 7/2016 5.11 mb
1/2018 2.40 mb
Chicago. 9/2015 2.75 mb
Chicago. 134 S Wabash Ave, 60603. 7/2015 3.68 mb
Chinatown Chicago. 8/2015 3.44 mb
Chinatown Chicago. 10/2016 404 kb 25%
Chinatown Chicago. 7/2016 5.01 mb (20)
South Loop Chicago. 9/2015 3.82 mb
Chicago. 558 E 79th St, 60619 6/2018 3.64mb
6/2021 95%
Watseka, IL. 8/2017 6.24mb
Kentland, IN. 8/2017 3.16mb
Chicago. 8/2015 3.54 mb
Chicago. 2/2018 4.74 mb
Westmont IL. 12/2017 7.83 mb 98%
2/2018 6.74 mb 98%
Cedarburg, Wi. 6/2018 6.23 mb 95% (30)
Chicago. 9/2017 2.80 mb
Kennedy Expressway Chicago. 2/2018 6.58 mb
Chicago. 2/2018 3.63 mb
Chicago. 12/2015 4.30 mb
Chicago. Symphony Center. 10/2014 2.51 mb
Post Office. 3/2017 4.11 mb
Chicago. 2/2018 6.18 mb
Downers Grove, IL. 6/2018 7.35 mb
Chicago. 12/2018 6.67 mb 99%
Coke. 5/2022 7.33mb 98% (40)
Pepsi.10/2023 7.78 mb 68%
6/2022 7.02mb
Lisle Il. 9/2022 6.57 mb
Downers Grove, IL. 10/2022 5.80 mb 99%
10/2022 7.48 mb 99%
Chicago. 6/2022 5.86 mb
Chicago. 12/2017 141 kb 25%
8/2022 7.57 mb 99%
Wheaton, IL. 917 E Roosevelt Rd, 5/2022 7.76 mb 99%
Chicago. 9/2015 6.33 mb (50)
Alsip, IL (Demolished). 7/2017 4.56 mb
Chicago. 8/2021 6.25 mb 99%
Chicago. 6/2022 2.11mb
Chicago, 8611 S Pulaski Rd 60652. 8/2015 7.71 mb 87%
Chicago. 2116 W. 95th Street, 60643. 8/2015 7.13 mb
San Diego, CA. 1/1999 75% The California Conservation Corps (CCC) at the end of a work day. The CCC was founded by Gov. Jerry Brown in 1976. It is a pay-as-you-go government agency that gives youth the opportunity to work in a job that is mostly outdoors as well as provides some scholarships.
Chicago. 8/2021 7.43 mb 70%
Waukegan, IL. 6/2014 7.10mb
5/2023 7.09 mb 99%
Chicago. Clinton-Gore Rally, October 20, 1992. In addition to the two Democratic candidates for U.S. president and vice president on the platform also in attendance was Hillary Rodham Clinton and Tipper Gore. On the platform was also Democratic Senate candidate, Carol Moseley Braun. All these candidates won their respective races in 1992 as Clinton-Gore went on to serve two terms and Moseley Braun, who served one term, became the first Black woman to serve in the U.S. Senate and first female U.S. Senator from Illinois. 75%

see – https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4090960/user-clip-clintongore-campaign-speech-1992 – retrieved June 20, 2023.

Chicago. 7/2015 4.84mb
7/2023 7.65 mb 74%
Savannah Theatre, Savannah, Georgia. 9/1989 At 222 Bull Street in Savannah, GA, the Savannah Theatre sits across from Chippewa Square, one of the city’s 22 historic squares. Chippewa Square was built in 1815 and named for a July 5, 1814 American battle victory over British forces in Upper Canada during the War of 1812. A statue of the founder of colonial Georgia, British General James Oglethorpe (1696-1785), stands in the square. Since 1818 a theatre has stood on the site of the Savannah Theatre. Built in 1948 the Arte Moderne movie house was by Robert E. Collins and Carl E. Helfrich, architects active in Georgia and Florida. Owned by Weis Theatres who had a movie house in Atlanta, GA, the nearly 1000-seat theatre had changed hands many times since 1981 among various theatre organizations. In 1989 when the photograph was taken looking from East McDonough Street the theatre would be downsized to about 350 seats and owned by the Savannah Theatre Company (STC) whose current use has been for live performance. SOURCE: https://visitsavannah.com/profile/chippewa-square/6117;
https://cinematreasures.org/theaters/686; https://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/en/article/battle-of-chippawa.
The premiere showing at the Savannah Theatre was Mister 880 in 1950, an Academy-Award-nominated (Edmund Gwenn) romantic drama film from 20th Century-Fox starring Burt Lancaster, Dorothy MacGuire and Gwenn.
8/2023 7.75 mb 61%
8/2023 7.17mb 99%
9/2023 7.84mb 91%
6/2023 7.95mb
9/2023 7.60 mb 80%
Chicago. 6/2022 7.79mb 77%
Darien, IL. 7/2023 7.94mb 85%
Stillman Valley IL. 7/2017 3.69mb

The Battle of Stillman’s Run was named for the first engagement between Illinois militia led by Major Isaiah Stillman (1793-1861) and Sauk warriors during the short, storied Black Hawk War in 1832. Maj. Stillman, who was born in Massachusetts, had settled in Illinois and joined its newly-formed militia in 1827. On that perilous Monday, May 14, 1832, in present-day Stillman Valley, a town in north-central Illinois, Maj. Stillman’s 275 Illinois militia were attacked by Sauk warriors of Black Hawk’s British Band. The numbers of Native American warriors is unknown but is placed somewhere between 50 and 200 fighters. The Black Hawk War began when Sauk chief Black Hawk (1767-1838) recrossed the Mississippi River from Iowa into Illinois on April 5, 1832 to re-settle with around 1,000 warriors and women, children and elders. Black Hawk believed that the Treaty of St. Louis dated from 1804 that ceded land of his birthplace was invalid. Though a state since 1818, Illinois was on the edge of wilderness awaiting an influx of settlers and the return by Black Hawk was viewed as antithetical to that immediate objective according to the U.S. Government. During the Battle of Stillman’s Run, a name characterized by a nearby creek as well as the militia’s desperate foot-race in defeat, 12 militiamen had been killed by Band warriors as they made a stand on a small hill. In the retreat, the militia fled back 30 miles south to the fort along the Rock River at Dixon’s Ferry (present-day Dixon, IL). Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865), future 16th president of the United States, was stationed at Dixon’s Ferry and may have been present at the Battle of Stillman’s Run though it is not yet known. Recent scholarship does put Lincoln at the Battle of Kellogg’s Grove in Illinois in June 1832 nearly 50 miles farther west. Lincoln was also present for the formal burials of the 12 militiamen who were killed at the Battle of Stillman’s Run. It was reported by Black Hawk that just 5 or less of his Sauk warriors were lost in that first day of battle. The Black Hawk War ended on August 2, 1832 with the military defeat of Black Hawk’s by then starving band that had retreated towards the Mississippi River near present-day Victory, Wisconsin, where the state lines of Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota meet.

10/2023 6.86mb 99%
11/2023 7.84mb 96%
11/2023 3.68 mb
Evanston, IL. 6/2022 7.70 mb
Chicago. 6/2022 7.41mb 99%