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Street Photography II. (45 Photos).

Photographs ©John P. Walsh

The Logan Theatre, Chicago, illinois, February 2013.
Lakefront, East Chicago, Indiana, July 2016.
Chicago (The Loop), November 2017.
Downers Grove, Illinois, July 2018.
Chicago (Michigan Avenue), August 2015.
Chicago (Michigan Avenue), May 2014.
Chicago, July 2016.
Chicago, July 2016.
Chicago, July 2016.
Chicago, September 2015.
Chicago (Navy Pier), September 2016.
Chicago, August 2015.
Chicago (West Loop/East Garfield Park), October 2016.
Chicago (Millennium Park), September 2016.
Chicago, Mount Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church, 4600 S. King Drive, October 2016.

Built as a synagogue founded in 1861 by German Jewish immigrants, the neo-Classical building was home to Chicago Sinai Congregation from 1912 until the 1940s.

In 1961, Mount Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church moved into the building. The church community brought a strong commitment to social justice and played an instrumental role in bringing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Southern Christian Leadership Conference to Chicago in the 1960’s. Since that time the church has provided a neighborhood food bank.

Chicago (Navy Pier), September 2015.
Downers Grove, Illinois, May 2019.
Downers Grove, Illinois, June 2020.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, June 2018.
Chicago (Edgewater), July 2014.
Oakbrook, Illinois, June 2019.
Oakbrook, Illinois, June 2019.
Oakbrook, Illinois, June 2019.
Chicago (Mag Mile), May 2016.
Chicago, North Rush Street, June 2014.
Chicago (Loop), August 2017.
Chicago, September 2015.
Chicago (Crown Fountain), Chicago, September 2016.
Chicago (Old Town), August 2017.
Concert, Chicago, October 2014.
Chicago (Loop), August 2017.
Chicago (Loop), August 2017.
Chicago (Loop), September 2015.
Chicago, August 2015.
Violin shop, Wilmette, Illinois, June 2016.
Bus stop, Chicago, February 2, 2018.
Chicago (Loop), February 2018.
Chicago, February 2018.
Symphony Center, Chicago, October 2014.
Oakbrook, June 2019.
Chicago, September 2015.
Chicago, May 2021.
Chicago (Loop), May 2021.
Chicago, May 2021.

Street Photography I. (56 Photos).

Photographs ©John P. Walsh

Chicago (South Chicago), June 2018.

Chicago (Near West Side), June 2018.

Chicago, June 2018.

Chicago (Bucktown), 2015.

Chinatown (Chicago), 2018.

Chicago, 2018.

Chicago (Chinatown), September 2014.

Double Vision.

Chicago (Gold Coast), 2017.

All the World's a Stage (Milwaukee, Wisconsin), June 9, 2018.

Milwaukee (Avenues West), Wisconsin, June 2018.

Chicago, Congress Parkway and Wabash Avenue, 2015.

Chicago, 2015.

Chicago (Pritzker Park), July 2015.

Chicago, Adams Street and Wabash Avenue, 2014.

Oakbrook, Illinois, June 2019.

Oakbrook, Illinois, June 2019.

Milwaukee, June 2016.

Chicago, July 2016.

Chicago (Michigan Avenue), May 2016.

Chicago (State Street), 2016.

Chicago (Millennium Park), 2016.

Chicago (Loop), May 2014.

Lincoln Park, August 7, 2015.

Oakbrook, Illinois, June 2019.

Oakbrook, Illinois, June 2019.

June 2019.

Oakbrook, Illinois, June 2019.

Oakbrook, Illinois, June 2019.

Chicago (Bridgeport), October 2016.

Chicago, 2015.

Chicago, June 2018.

Chicago (Goose Island), August 2016.

Oakbrook, Illinois, June 2019.

Covid-19, March 2020.

Social distancing, March 2020.

Covid-19, March 2020.

April 2020.

May 2020.

Chicago (Streeterville), September 2013.

Chicago, August 2015.

Chicago, State and Washington Streets (Reliance Building), July 2015.

Chicago (Symphony Center), October 2014.

Chicago (West Town), June 2018.

Margie’s Candies, Chicago (Bucktown), 2017.

The package, Chicago, February 3, 2018.

Chicago (Millennium Park), December 2017.

Chicago Loop, 418 S. Wabash, September 2015.

Chicago, August 2017.

Chicago, Lincoln Park, August 2015.

Madison & Wabash, Chicago, February 2018.

Chicago, September 25, 2016.

Rehearsal, Chicago, October 2015.

Sunday flea market, South 16th Street & West Kedzie Avenue (Douglas Park), Chicago, August 14, 2016.

William C. “Bill” Henry (1935-1992) for which this portion of 16th Street is named, was a 24th Ward Chicago alderman. Ald. Henry put together the coalition of Black and white aldermen to elect Eugene Sawyer (1934-2008) as mayor of the City of Chicago following the sudden death of Harold Washington (1922-1987), the first black mayor elected in Chicago.

Responding to accusations of deal cutting, Ald. Henry declared during the debate in the City Council chamber: “Deals? We was all making deals!” Henry’s constituents voted their alderman out of office for helping Sawyer in preference to Tim Evans, the reform candidate. Ald. Henry passed away from cancer in 1992 at 56 years old. In 2021 Timothy C. Evans is the Chief Judge of the Circuit Court of Cook County.

see- http://www.cookcountycourt.org/ABOUT-THE-COURT/Office-of-the-Chief-Judge – retrieved June 3, 2021; https://www.chicagoreader.com/Bleader/archives/2018/10/15/new-podcast-the-city-brings-back-memories-of-alderman-bill-henry-and-dealmaking-in-chicago – retrieved June 3, 2021.

Little India (West Ridge), Chicago, June 2013.

Navy Pier, Chicago, September 2013.