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Me and my wife Debbie on a recent local summer outing in Chicagoland!

Hi. My name is John P. Walsh and I am a writer, photographer and blogger who lives and works in the Chicago area.  My interests are in history and current affairs, art history, film history, photography, music, and travel. In addition to working in journalism and business communications in downtown Chicago and elsewhere, a recent seminal experience for me was graduating from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a Master’s degree in Modern Art History, Theory, and Criticism. This program gained me the privilege to work within a community of art historians, critics, curators and collectors that continues today. I studied with leading faculty, including successful working artists. It was a special pleasure to enthusiastically utilize—which I continue to do today—the permanent collections of the Art Institute of Chicago’s curatorial departments as well as the Ryerson and Burnham Libraries which is one of the largest art history and architecture libraries in the world. By these methods I have been able to pursue my own research interests in modern and contemporary art in league with a guided close study of historical and current visual aesthetics and imagery within the broader art world. From the Italian Renaissance of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries to today’s ultra-contemporary artwork and curatorial trends, I have thrived in this creative and academically rigorous practice which directly led to the creation of this blog, other online platforms, and to my teaching French modern art history at Northwestern University (including devising and teaching a new course on Modernism there). My art historical research has taken me to research centers around the country and to Europe, specifically Paris and its environs and Ireland. Using this training and experience—and with my energies today squarely focused in Chicago—I hope that CORRIDORS: Discoveries in Art, Film, Photography & Culture can continue to make a contribution to art history, and the rest of it.

Another activity that embraces my exploration and practice is that of digital photography. This craft’s wonder and challenge has further opened the world to me to encounter and engage in a new and very exciting way. I love the whole process of producing images both in the field and in the studio. I invite you to take a look at my photographs which you will find by clicking on them in My Photographs menu.

On a personal level, I have traveled to three Continents and dozens of countries, especially in Europe and the Americas. My travel focus today is decidedly in the U.S.A. I am married to my wife Debbie. We met during a business trip to New Orleans and have been blessed with plenty of lagniappe ever since. We enjoy the outdoors as well as preparing healthy home-cooked meals, reading, and collecting books and art. For relaxation I play the piano, particularly popular music and show tunes. As a longtime subscriber to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra I have enjoyed literally hundreds of classical music concerts frequently sitting at the feet of —proverbially speaking and sometimes actually—some of the world’s finest composers, conductors and musical artists.

Thank you again for visiting CORRIDORS: Discoveries in Art, Film, Photography & Culture. Message me, add a comment or like, and don’t forget to follow this blog to not miss any new posts!  Have a great day and keep on keeping on!

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