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Thank you for visiting CORRIDORS│An Educational Website in the Visual Arts & Humanities. Featuring My Photography and Videos.

Hi. My name is John P. Walsh and I live and work in the Greater Chicago area. With my duties as a writer and marketing communications specialist, I enthusiastically created this non-profit educational website in 2013. For each post, I look to select, create and post items of interest in the fine and popular arts and humanities based on original research and reporting that is hopefully informative, useful, and even entertaining. Thank you for your visit today!

Educational website in visual arts and humanities.

In each post I provide my original text and a variety of images, and reporting it with the sole purpose to educationally enlighten an audience with interest in subject matter specific to the visual arts and humanities. My passion for the integrity of the image joined to original research, reporting, commentary and criticism for this educational purpose extends to all the topic areas’ posts.

Growing up in Chicago. 

I grew up in Chicago and its suburbs. CORRIDORS is an extension and integral part of living in and with the culture and resources that are available in the U.S.’s third-largest metropolitan area (after New York City and Los Angeles). My interest in the visual arts and humanities is lifelong. It is the coming together of my extensive theater background in school as well as professionally, teaching in high school and college, and working and innovating in the journalism and corporate communications field, that helped find expression for my immense curiosity and formed my research, writing and photography skills. My interest and experiences led to pursuing a Masters of Arts in Modern Art History, Theory, and Criticism at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, graduating in 2006. After that I taught Modern Art History (Nineteenth Century French Art) at Northwestern University from 2008-2010. These educational experiences, along with the many excellent art historians, writers, and artists that I met and formed friendships with inspired me directly to found and develop this non-profit arts and humanities educational website in 2013.

Digital Age of the 2010’s and the 2020’s. 

CORRIDORS’ appearance–its educational purpose– its teaching/communication mission–were formulated and perfected in its first couple of years. A little bit before the site’s founding, I pursued my digital photography more seriously. I had taken photographs on film, certainly, in previous years, but the onset of the digital age–one of the most exciting periods of change and innovation in recent memory– was an unprecedented opportunity for taking quality digital photographs and posting them on the internet to an audience.  My Photographs and Videos blog page menus are the place to visit and see growing content production based on my work activity in photography.

Favorite Subjects for My Photography.  

There is a lot I could relate about my photography experiences–that the camera is an exhilarating instrument of engaging the world around us and the photographer within– though it is the collection of still and moving images that matter more than words. Whether it is the delicacy and colors of a flower in a garden or the power and drama of nature’s fauna and elements; the stability and mobility of today’s American Road; street photography’s wit, whimsy, and surprise; fashion photography’s style and statement; the human creativity inherent in its architectural and artistic forms, and so forth. These are all subject matter for my continuing passion in taking photographs in the 2020’s. 

From Leonardo da Vinci to Berthe Morisot to Jeff Koons.

Visitors interested in the arts and humanities can find posts to enjoy on CORRIDORS. Like many people, I am passionate about the arts and its wide range of forms -– music, fashion, my photography, painting, sculpture, architecture, film, etc. I am passionate too about history. It is upon this basis that the website was founded and will continue to hopefully build, deepen, and grow. From the Italian Renaissance of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries to today’s ultra-contemporary artwork I have been able to pursue research interests in modern and contemporary art and exhibition trends in league with a close study of current and historical aesthetics literature and imagery within the broader art world so to incorporate such items on this website.

Thank You!

Thank you  for visiting CORRIDORS│An Educational Website in the Visual Arts & Humanities. Featuring My Photography and Videos.  Have a great day. 

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