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John P. Walsh

John P. Walsh, CORRIDORS: Arts Humanities Digital Media.

Hi. My name is John P. Walsh and I live and work in the Greater Chicago area. With my duties as a writer and marketing communications specialist, I enthusiastically created this website in 2013. For each post, I look to select, create and post items of interest to you in the fine and popular arts, humanities, and digital media that you will find informative, useful, and even entertaining. To that end, I would love to hear from you regarding any posts or any suggestions you have for subjects or topics you might like to see on this site so I may improve this site’s endeavor to be especially relevant, topical, productive, and positive in its areas of focus. Thank you for your visit today!

The visitor to CORRIDORS will be rewarded by exploring this site’s visually compelling, fact-based, and shareable information. In each post I attempt to provide if not text and images that can be seen nowhere else on the internet, then images of highest quality set in a compellingly written context. My passion for the integrity of the image joined to original research and writing extends to all the topic areas’ posts. In this way, each historical or contemporary subject is treated in a new fashion found only on CORRIDORS that, with exploration on the part of the visitor, can prove worthwhile.

I have tried to make the rich content of this website clear and accessible in a few ways:
1. MENUS at the top of the HOME page with links to individual posts;
2. TOP POSTS & PAGES, CATEGORY and TAG clouds in the side bar one-click access to posts or tempting topics;
3. Monthly ARCHIVES.
4. Search box to link you to posts related to your search interests.
5. Though written in English for the most part, the Language box translates the site to other languages.

The sidebar contains social media and professional links such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, and Goodreads. Please email me at jwalsh4525@gmail.com.

Visitors interested in the arts, humanities and digital media will find a lot in CORRIDORS to enjoy. Like so many people, I am passionate about the arts and in its wide range of forms – music, fashion, photography, painting, sculpture, architecture, etc. I am passionate too about history and film as well as travel, whether on a grand or micro-scale, especially when it is evocative and revealing of self, others, or nature in its many diverse forms. It is upon this basis that this website was founded and will continue to build, deepen, and grow.

At the same time, I am looking to expand CORRIDORS and provide new and invigorating content that moves its topic areas to the next level of innovation. I would like to begin by inviting contributors to CORRIDORS. If you have an idea or piece to publish online please contact me so we might discuss its appearance here with your byline, links, etc.

As I relate in the travel/photographic post on this site called MIDWEST ROADS: MY PHOTOGRAPHS (September 2016), I grew up in Chicago and its suburbs. It is a convergence of my communications background, the onset of digital media, and my graduating in 2006 with a Masters of Arts in Modern Art History, Theory, and Criticism from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago focused in French Impressionism, Italian Renaissance, and the contemporary art market — as well as teaching Modern Art History at Northwestern University between 2008 and 2010 — that directly led to my founding and developing this arts, humanities, and digital media website on WordPress in 2013. Incidentally since it is my digital photography that illustrates the MIDWEST ROADS post, that reminds me to invite you to take a look at those and more of my photographs starting by visiting the My Photographs menu.

The site’s content production is based on my work and experiences mainly in all types of writing and communications along with a background in history, theater, photography, and travel. For example, from the Italian Renaissance of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries to today’s ultra-contemporary artwork I have been able to pursue research interests in modern and contemporary art and exhibition trends in league with a close study of current and historical aesthetics literature and imagery within the broader art world so to incorporate such items on this website. I have visited 46 of 50 states in the United States, as well as studied in France (French language and art), Italy (art), England (art and theater) and Ireland (history).

Thank you again for visiting CORRIDORS: Arts Humanities Digital Media. Send me a message, add a comment or like, and follow this blog so to not miss new posts! Have a great day and keep on keeping on!


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