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I am a writer, photographer, and art historian who lives and works in the Chicago area.  I was born in the city and returned to live and work there after I grew up in the suburbs. Today I live and work from my suburban hometown. Through it all, my life’s passions remain the same: art, music, writing, history, travel. In addition to working in journalism and business communications in downtown Chicago and elsewhere I have very much enjoyed taking some summers in Europe to teach, conduct research, and to travel. While my energies and interests today are squarely focused in the U.S., another seminal experience for me was to attend and graduate from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago where I received an M.A. in Modern Art History, Theory, and Criticism in 2006. There I  met and had the privilege to work under Margaret Olin,  James Elkins, Thomas Sloan, Charles Stuckey, Jean Goldman, the late Kathryn Hixson and many more eminent art historians, critics, curators and collectors. I have been a teacher at private college preparatory schools and at Northwestern University where I taught French modern art history to working professionals. Digital photography is a serious hobby for me whose craft has allowed me to encounter and engage subjects with the potential and goal to make art. On a personal level, I have been married for nearly 30 years to my wife Debbie. We very much enjoy the outdoors as well as cooking, reading, and collecting books and art.  For relaxation I play the piano (if that’s what it’s called). As a longtime subscriber to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra I have enjoyed hundreds of classical music concerts at Symphony Center including those of visiting orchestras and musical artists. My work as a writer is dedicated to exploring arts and culture such as in this blog!! Scroll through posts or go directly to a specific entry by using the menu section. The monthly archives, category cloud and top posts & pages are there for you to use in the sidebar so to more easily navigate this site. There is also a link to some of my Pinterest boards in the menu section. Thanks again for visiting CORRIDORS… Message me, add a comment or like, and don’t forget to follow this blog to not miss any new posts. I would love to hear from you. Have a great day and keep on keeping on!


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