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Odds & Ends. (19 Photos).

Photographs ©John P. Walsh

April 2020.

St. Joseph, April 2020.

Dry cleaners, Wilmette, Illinois, June 2016.

Yellow table and chairs, Naperville, Illinois, March 2018.

Artist’s table, May 2015.

Skyway, Chicago, July 2016. The Skyway’s main feature is a 1⁄2-mile-long steel truss bridge, known as the “High Bridge.”

Below the fold, November 2017.

July 2018.

Grand Theatre (1925), Wheaton, Illinois, May 2018.

Oak Park, Illinois, January 2018.

August 2015.

Forest Park, Illinois, August 2015.

zipper, Chicago, June 2018.

handcrank organ, c. 1930, Old Stone Church (Methodist Episcopal), 1861, Lemont, Illinois, June 2015.

Bard medallion, Rockford, Illinois, July 2017.


Dry dock, Wilmette Harbor, December 2017.

necks and scrolls, Wilmette, Illinois, June 2016.

Sunday obligation, Elmhurst, Illinois, June 2014.

Ruth M. Anderson’s sleeveless wedding dress (left) for her marriage to William Noling on Saturday, June 7, 1924, in Evanston, Illinois. The Charles Gates Dawes House, Evanston, Illinois.

The dress is made of silk satin in an egg shell color. It is accented by an oval medallion with bands also made of silk satin. The medallion is embroidered with faux pearl and other glass beads.

While the wedding dress was very fashionable for the mid1920’s, it probably was not or would not be allowed in one of Evanston’s houses of worship because it was sleeveless and deemed risqué for showing too much bare skin.

The wedding was held in the house of the bride and her parents, Jennie (née Johnson) and Isak Anderson at 1035 Ridge Avenue in Evanston built in 1914.

Isak Anderson was born in Sweden and came to the United States at 20 years old in 1890. The next year he married Jennie Johnson and they had Ruth and another child. Ruth’s father was a bank director and partner in a local tailoring business in downtown Evanston at 608 Davis that today is a noodle shop.  

SOURCES: Dawes House, Evanston Illinois; The Swedish Element in Illinois: Survey of the Past Seven Decades, Ernst Wilhelm Olson, p. 586.

Photograph was taken on October 17, 2015.

Trains & Motorcycles. (27 Photos).

Photographs and Text ©John P. Walsh

August 2016.

April 2021.

June 2018.

Metra Train 188 (built December 1991). BNSF railway. March 2018.

July 2015.

July 2018.

The Harley-Davidson Museum, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 1932 Model G Servi-Car Side-Valve V-Twin. The model ran for 41 years and offered high crown fenders and cargo hold that packed 500 pounds. June 2018.

Captain America. March 2018.

Metra 417, MPI MP36PH-3S, (built October 2003) , Chicago (West Loop), August 2017.

August 2018.

June 2017.

Chicago, November 2017.

June 2018.

July 2017.

Ride with Pride Motorcycle Run, sponsored by Pridefest and the Harley-Davidson Museum, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, June 2018.

BSNF Railway Line, April 2020.

The Harley-Davidson Museum, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. “Fat Bob” fuel tank, 1954, called “Anniversary Yellow.” June 2018.

The Harley-Davidson Museum, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 2002 XL883C Sportster Custom OHV-V Twin. Loaded with factory-installed additions. June 2018.

Engine 5795 (built n/a), Union Pacific West Line, May 2018.

Metra Train 129 (built November 1979), Union Pacific West Line, May 2018.

Along BNSF Railway (retired trainman, Union Pacific Railroad), May 2020.

Amtrak 4612 “Midwest” (built n/a), Siemens SC-44, July 2020.

The Harley-Davidson Museum, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. FLH “Uptight” OHV V-Twin, dated 1958. Customization includes extensive metalwork accents, specialty lighting, chrome-tipped dual exhaust, debut of Duo-Glide front and back full suspension, handlebar riser mounted AM radio, and more. June 2018.

Engine 5071, GE C30-7, (built July 1980), BSNF Railway Line, April 2021.

Rails (BNSF), July 2020.

Chicago, September 2015.

Polaris’ Slingshot three-wheeler is part motorcycle, part sports car. It has side-by-side seating and a steering wheel. West Chicago, June 2021.