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Street Photography: MOTORCYCLES. (24 Photos).

Chicago. 8/2016
Milwaukee, WI. 1956 Harley-Davidson KH. 6/2018 97%

Four days after recording Heartbreak Hotel in January 1956 for RCA records in Nashville, Tennessee, 21-year-old Elvis Presley went out and bought a brand-new red-and-white 1956 Harley Davidson KH. Elvis was not yet famous but had already developed a signature style for which this motor bike formed a part. Having affinities with the 1952 KRTT Road Racer OHV V-Twin owned by famed H-D racer Brad Andres, Elvis’ H-D KH had plenty of style.

Within two months, in mid-March 1956, Heartbreak Hotel, a song co-written by Presley, was climbing the charts and Elvis was on his way to becoming one of rock ‘n’ roll’s first superstars. For the rest of his life and career, Presley remained a Harley-Davidson enthusiast as he helped forge that connection between motorcycles and rock ‘n roll which seemed to be instinctive and permanent.

Warrenville, IL. 7/2018
Milwaukee, WI. 1932 Model G Servi-Car Side-Valve V-Twin. Harley-Davidson Museum. 6/2018

The 1932 Model G Servi-Car Side-Valve V-Twin ran for 41 years and offered high crown fenders and a cargo hold that packed 500 pounds.

6/2017. (10)
Cedarburg, WI. 6/2018
Watseka, IL. 7/2017
Milwaukee, WI. Harley-Davisondon Museum. 6/2018

Ride with Pride Motorcycle Run, sponsored by Pridefest and the Harley-Davidson Museum.

“Anniversary Yellow, ” 1954. 6/2018

“Fat Bob” fuel tank. The Harley-Davidson Museum, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Milwaukee, WI. 2002 XL883C Sportster Custom OHV-V Twin. Harley-Davidson Museum. 6/2018

The 2002 XL883C Sportster Custom OHV-V Twin is loaded with factory-installed additions.

Milwaukee, WI. FLH “Uptight” OHV V-Twin, 1958. Harley-Davidson Museum. 6/2018
Polaris’ Slingshot. 6/2021

Polaris’ Slingshot three-wheeler is part motorcycle, part sports car. It has side-by-side seating and a steering wheel.

Suzuki. 8/2017 25%. (20)
8/2021 7.89 mb
5/2022 4.15.mb
Chicago. 7/2015 4.81 mb
6/2023 4.99mb