My Photography.

Enchained Action (1906) by Aristide Maillol, The Art Institute of Chicago – August 22, 2015. Find this and other photographs of this subject at ART Galleries & Museums below.

American Roads: 

Midwest USA Today’s American Midwest roads.


Art Galleries & Museums  Patrons encounter Enchained Action (1906) by Aristide Maillol on the Grand Staircase of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Art Out of Doors The Doughboy statue (1921) by sculptor John Paulding in Wheaton, Illinois, memorializes veterans of World War One. Henry Moore’s 16-foot tall bronze, Large Interior Form, Chicago.

Art Shows – Expo Chicago 2016, 145 galleries represent 22 countries and 53 cities. Artwork by Jeff Koons, Art + Language, Margot Bergman, Louise Bourgeois, Shannon Finley, Euan Uglow, Deborah Butterfield, Juan Garaizabal, Hermann Nitsch, Genieve Figgis, and more. Expo Chicago 2015, 140 modern and contemporary art galleries from 16 countries. Artwork by Hung Liu, Vik Muniz, Hunter Reynolds, and others.  Expo Chicago 2014, artwork of Jessica Stockholder, Rosalyn Drexler, Matthew Woodward, Christopher Le Brun, Michiko Itatani, Lynn Chadwick, Alex Katz, and 28 more. Expo Chicago 2013, artwork of Michele Pred, Robert Natkin, Hung Liu, and 9 more.

Special Art Topics: Images of Mary – 

Architecture & Design:  Ray Kroc’s very first McDonald’s franchise restaurant started in 1955 in Des Plaines, Illinois, is slated to meet the wrecking ball. Photographs and illustrations. Historic Chicago Harbor Lighthouse (1893), an automated active lighthouse off of Navy Pier. Photograph.

Stained Glass Angels, 1902, by Franz Mayer & Company, Munich, at St. Michael Church, Chicago (Old Town).


Flowers & Gardens Flowers & Gardens with favorite quotations.

Land, Sea & Sky

Photographs I Forgot I Had (USA): California Beach House – June 11, 1987.

Photographs I Forgot I Had (International): The Collegial Church of St. Gertrude, Nivelles, Belgium – March 1, 1992. Le Prieuré Maurice Denis, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France. October 31, 2002.  Tour de l’Horloge (1490-97), Évreux, France. November 1, 2002.

Street Photography: Selection of my street photography.