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Enchained Action (1906) by Aristide Maillol, The Art Institute of Chicago.

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Art: PHOTOGRAPHS (35): Patrons’ encounters with Enchained Action (1906) by Aristide Maillol on the Grand Staircase of the Art Institute of Chicago. PHOTOGRAPHS (42): Expo Chicago 2016, 145 galleries represent 22 countries and 53 cities. Artwork by Jeff Koons, Art + Language, Margot Bergman, Louise Bourgeois, Shannon Finley, Euan Uglow, Deborah Butterfield, Juan Garaizabal, Hermann Nitsch, Genieve Figgis, and more.  PHOTOGRAPHS (42): Expo Chicago 2015, 140 modern and contemporary art galleries from 16 countries. Artwork by Hung Liu, Vik Muniz, Hunter Reynolds, and others.  PHOTOGRAPHS (43): Expo Chicago 2014, artwork of Jessica Stockholder, Rosalyn Drexler, Matthew Woodward, Christopher Le Brun, Michiko Itatani, Lynn Chadwick, Alex Katz, and 28 more.  PHOTOGRAPHS (16): Expo Chicago 2013, artwork of Michele Pred, Robert Natkin, Hung Liu, and 9 more.

Architecture: A brief look at the historic and key Chicago Harbor Lighthouse. Photograph. PHOTOGRAPHS (11): Angels in Stained Glass (1902), Franz Mayer & Company (Munich), St. Michael Church, Old Town, Chicago.

Travel & Nature: PHOTOGRAPHS (7): flowers and gardens. PHOTOGRAPHS (20): People, places, and things along today’s American Midwest roads.