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Odds & Ends. (24 Photos).

Photographs ©John P. Walsh

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The Chicago Skyway’s main feature is a 1⁄2-mile-long steel truss bridge known as the “High Bridge.”

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Ruth M. Anderson’s sleeveless wedding dress (left) for her marriage to William Noling on Saturday, June 7, 1924, in Evanston, Illinois. Charles Gates Dawes House.

The dress is made of silk satin in an egg shell color. It is accented by an oval medallion with bands also made of silk satin. The medallion is embroidered with faux pearl and other glass beads.

While the wedding dress was very fashionable for the mid1920’s, it probably was not or would not be allowed in one of Evanston’s houses of worship because it was sleeveless and deemed risqué for showing too much bare skin.

The wedding was held in the house of the bride and her parents, Jennie (née Johnson) and Isak Anderson at 1035 Ridge Avenue in Evanston built in 1914.

Isak Anderson was born in Sweden and came to the United States at 20 years old in 1890. The next year he married Jennie Johnson and they had Ruth and another child. Ruth’s father was a bank director and partner in a local tailoring business in downtown Evanston at 608 Davis that today is a noodle shop.  

SOURCES: Dawes House, Evanston Illinois; The Swedish Element in Illinois: Survey of the Past Seven Decades, Ernst Wilhelm Olson, p. 586.

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The crucifix is today located in a southern section of Queen of Heaven cemetery in Hillside, Illinois. That it is called the “miraculous” crucifix started around 1990. The story is told that a retired railroad worker who lost his sight in the early 1980’s later claimed to be directed to the crucifix by one of the Medjugorje visionaries when he visited the Catholic pilgrimage site in Bosnia twice in the late 1980’s. After being directed by the Medjugorje visionary to seek out, discover and pray before a 15-foot-tall crucifix found in Queen of Heaven Cemetery in Hillside, Illinois, he and others reported that it bled. When more visitors also said they saw the cross bleed, cemetery staff investigated but reported witnessing nothing out of the ordinary around the cross.

At the same time, the retired railroad worker was healed of his blindness which bolstered the report that the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared there, accompanied by angels, including St. Michael the Archangel. More of these same sort of appearances continued over some time. They were accompanied by other miraculous signs, many defying easy explanations.

Despite an incident of vandalism in 1994 (the feet of Jesus were broken off), these sort of inexplicable occurrences continued to be reported regularly throughout the early-to-mid-1990s at the crucifix site. Even into the 21st century, people still gather whether alone, in smaller groups, or in a crowd to see and often pray at the “miraculous” crucifix.


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