Art Outdoors. (7 Photos).

Chicago, October 2015.

Chicago, 2018.

Here, fabricated painted steel, 2012, by Ruth Aizuss Migdal. On the runway and poised for flight, the 14-foot-tall, bright red, dancing female figure stands in Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo next to the Chilean pink flamingos pond. May 2015.

mural, Chicago El Station, December 2015.

Chicago, December 2015. Penny For Your Thoughts?-Morley-

The time to reveal my powers has come. You saved me/ You saved me. I’m ready for anything except more nothing. I’m not afraid Anymore! Nothing matters except you and me and treats delicious treats. You’re the only one who really gets me. I think forever just started looking like you. I don’t have time to decode your emojis! I finally feel like the main character in my own story. If I were a Ninja I bet I would be a great breakdancer.

Chicago, Bucktown. 2015

“Moonstruck,” Chicago, October 2016.

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